DrJava Plug-in for Eclipse

As part of an Eclipse Innovation Grant, the DrJava team has created a plug-in for IBM's Eclipse development platform. When fully mature, this plug-in will provide several features from DrJava to Eclipse, including an Interactions Pane, a simplified user interface, and a debugger integrated with the Interactions Pane.

As a first milestone, the plug-in provides a fully-functional Interactions Pane and simplified user interface ("perspective") to Eclipse. The next stage of development will integrate Eclipse's debugger with the Interactions Pane, allowing users to interact with their programs while at a breakpoint.

To run the DrJava Plug-in for Eclipse, download the file, unzip it, and copy the wrapped ".jar" file into the "plugins" directory of your Eclipse installation. A "DrJava" Perspective and an "Interactions" view will be available in the list of Perspectives and Views after you restart Eclipse. (See Window->Open Perspective->Other... and Window->Show View->Other... .)

Latest Plug-in

Following the link below will allow you to download the latest release of the DrJava Plug-in for Eclipse.

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If you wish to continue to use the DrJava plug-in with 2.1.x versions of Eclipse, please download the following alternate plug-in version (0.9.5), as the plugin.xml files are incompatible between major versions of Eclipse.

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You can also browse a list of all released files (including source code) here.


If you have any questions about the DrJava Plug-in for Eclipse, please contact the DrJava development team with a Support Request on our SourceForge page.

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